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Michael Derouin is a second-generation floral designer and floral educator

from Southern Connecticut. 


Michael's father Richard, actually began his career while still in high school making prom corsages for his classmates. Not too long after he met Michael’s mother Judy, and they opened a flower shop — the rest is history. 


Michael and his two sisters were all raised in the flower shop located in Waterbury, Connecticut, an urban blue collar city. It was a high-volume, busy, “bread and butter” retail florist. It is here where Michael’s passion for the floral industry sparked and where he learned a career by osmosis.  


After almost three entire weeks in college, Michael realized what he wanted to do with his life, so he came back home and continued his father’s legacy. After nearly five decades, the family made the hard decision to close their stores, and that is where the next chapter of Michael’s professional career began. 




In 2007, Michael joined one of the Connecticut's oldest florists located in Greenwich, Connecticut.. During his thirteen year tenure, Michael's vision and talent transformed and elevated this basic florist into the flourishing luxury brand it is today.  

It is his years of experience that allows Michael to have the unique ability to understand all aspects of floral design - retail, event, and niche designers. In part, this is what makes Michael such a gifted educator, he get’s it. 

Today, Michael is working on many projects including more education and his new full time passion of rebranding another century old florist in the suburbs of Boston, MA. 

While Michael enjoys all areas of the floral industry, his passion is education. He enjoys sharing his knowledge, he is a highly sought after garden club presenter and educator for industry professionals. 



Michael fulfilled a personal goal he set as a teenager. He was invited into membership into the industry’s four most prestigious organizations. An accomplish fewer than 10 achieved world-wide. 

AIFD  |  The American Institute of Floral Designers 

AAF   |  American Academy of Floriculture

PFCI  |  Professional Floral Communicators - International

CAFA |  Canadian Academy of Floral Art


There is an immense sense of fulfillment when sharing knowledge and teaching others.  A feeling that pales in comparison to most others.  The designer who presented at the first design show I ever attended made a lasting impression on me.  I was inspired and knew at that moment I wanted to do that very same thing. I could only hope that I might have that same affect on someone, someday.

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